Hi there! I’m Jenny (she/hers) and I’m thrilled to e-meet you! 🌿 👋🏼

If you’re feeling lost or “behind” among your circle of friends, this is for you. Bite-sized career wisdom can be found here, from a first-generation college graduate and small business owner who leaped into big things before she was ready.

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Key things to know about me:

Born and raised in Chicago, currently living in Los Angeles with my husband + spaniel, Bruno.

  • I received my B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

You don’t go after what you don’t know is possible — especially when you’re hyper-focused on job titles.

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Photo by Ron Whitaker.

Exposure to career possibilities is underrated in today’s job marketplace. It’s scary, it requires a lift on your end, and most of us would rather shoot for the safety net.

When we do this, we choose to play it safe and the job hunt game becomes monotonous. We have a canned response sitting in our inbox drafts, a stenciled resumé, and we forget to question our job search habits. …


Jenny Logullo

I help creatives + freelancers build authority and demand. Career Coach, Marketer, and Founder of @WorkplaceWorth Academy | www.jennylogullo.com

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